The jacket

Ιανουαρίου 23, 2008

Character: Herb, Age 33 Alcoholic Public Transit Worker.

Herb: (speaking to his wife) I used to think that my biggest problems were with drinking. Why I was out all night or if the next day at work would be my last. But now everywhere I go I’m looking over my shoulder and the walls, and the streets, and the buildings are closing in on me. It’s scary we don’t talk anymore. These cops…these cops are asking me all sorts of questions and I’m getting followed. He won’t stop, with his long black jacket following me all because of what I’ve seen. I wish I could tell you that I got drunk and I don’t remember anything from that night. I wish I could gauge my fucking eyes out so I wasn’t so paranoid, but I can’t . I just can’t. It was real and it’s scaring the shit outta me. Everything about all of this is so fucked up; it’s so suspicious except you. You’re not fucked up, you’re my wife and it’s still another problem. My wish is that you were the one asking me questions or following me so I could get to know my wife who I’ve drank into my memory. I’m just scared that’s all.



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