Clothing project beginning

Ιανουαρίου 23, 2008

There are rows of clothing racks on stage. Maybe four or five. There are actors weaving in and out of each other looking at various clothes on the racks as if they were shopping. Their voices make a lot of noise as they comment on the clothes they like and dislike, but you cannot clearly make out what each individual is saying.

Either fade the lights out or…………………..

A guy and a girl’s voice become distinct above the rest of the people.

Guy: (holds up a shirt) What do you think of this?
Girl: (holds up a shirt) What do you think of this?
Guy: This might be too big for me.
Girl: This is my size. It’s pretty cute. I can pull this off.
Guy: I don’t know about the color. Wonder if there are different ones my size.
Girl: I could wear this top on Saturday. I think it’s supposed to be warm.
Guy: I just don’t know. (pause) Whatever, I’ll just buy it.
Girl: This would look great with jeans. My friends would love it. They would wish that they had it. I am in love with this top. (She pauses and puts it back on the rack) Let’s see what else they have.



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