Οκτώβριος 15, 2007

Crystal: Rick, you’re just a big bully! Picking on Charla like that! Her socks are not ugly, and you take it back!
Rick: Yea well, so what? What are you gonna do, you’re just a girl.
Crystal: Doesn’t mean I won’t hit you. You take it back right now or else!
Rick: Sissy girl! Sissy Girl! Crissy is a sissy girl!
Crystal: Why are you so mean Rick Henson?
Rick: Dunno, why are you so stupid?
Crystal: I hate you, Rick Hanson! I never want to talk to you again!
Rick: I never wanted to talk to you in the first place, Crissy.

Rick: You a…. look great, Crystal.
Crystal: Thanks…I’ m glad that Charla set us up on this date.
Rick: Yea, me too. Ummmm…so – I thought we’d go see a movie, that all right with you?
Crystal: Yea, sounds great.
Rick: Thought we’d go to a drive in?
Crystal: Sounds good – (pause) So should we go?
Rick: Yea….mmm…let me help you out with your jacket.
Crystal: Thanx…can…uhhh…I ask you a question?
Rick: Yea….ummm sure, what is it?
Crystal: Why are you not wearing any socks?
Rick: Oh that – it’s a superstition. I have about first dates.
Crystal: Oh…what’s that?
Rick: Well…that it’s bad luck to wear socks on the first date.
Crystal: ahhhh.
Rick: (pause) that and I didn’t have a clean pair.
Crystal: Oh…well that makes sense.
Rick: So should we go?
Crystal: Yea, Charla says that you have an Impala?
Rick: It’s really my dads car but yea.
Crystal: Oh well that’s still cool, let’s go
Rick: k…here let me get the door

Crystal: Rick, you’re gonna be late!
Rick: I know, I know.
Crystal: Rick – Rick stop! You’re barefoot!
Rick: Huh?
Crystal: You’re not wearing any socks or shoes, dear. You can’t go out like that.
Rick: Oh – new job. Guess it’s just my nerves. Where are my socks?
Crystal: In my dryer – did you think about that darling?
Rick: Oh – no
Crystal: I need to go out today, you remembered right? To see my mother? She has something for Shannon, you know my mother, always getting little things for her grand – daughter.
Rick: Uh huh – to see your mother…I got it… (pause) Please tell me it isn’t more Gummie Bears stuff, tell me it’s Barbie, or My Little Pony. Even Care Bears would be better.
Crystal: Shannon loves that show, Rick. I can’t even tear her away from the TV till it’s done.
Rick: I know…it’s an unhealthy attachment, and your mother is feeding it.
Crystal: Play nice…
Rick: hun, my socks aren’t in the dryer.
Crystal: Maybe the dyer monster ate them. (pause) What?
Rick: Very funny, Crystal – my socks?
Crystal: All right all right, your socks are with your shoes. Party pooper.
Rick: Okay…and where are those, crazy?
Crystal: Right here.
Rick: You had them all along? Now whose not playing nice?
Crystal: Never said I was trying to – put ‘em on the get to work.
Rick: Shouldn’t tease so early in the morning, it’s bound to get you into trouble.
Crystal: I hope it does.

Rick: Crys…Hey Crystal have you seen my socks?
Crystal: What I can’t hear you. Kids got the TV turned up way too loud. They’ve watching MTV.
Rick: I said have you seen my socks? You know the things that go on my feet?
Crystal: You don’t have to be a smart ass, they’re in that hunk a junk you call a dryer. I still don’t see why we can’t have a new one. It isn’t as if we don’t need it.
Rick: We don’t have the money Crystal you know that.
Crystal: I know…but… (sighs) Never mind. It is going to break though and we will have to get one.
Rick: Fine when that time comes I’ll buy a new one, until then we’re stuck with this one.
Crystal: Fine you don’t have to snap at me. I didn’t do anything.
Rick: I know…Sorry.
Crystal: Shannon gave me her birthday list finally. She wants a CD player, like the ones her friends have?
Rick: What’s wrong with the tape player she got last year for Christmas?
Crystal: You know how kids are, Rick. They always want what they can’t have. Besides she just wants to be like her friends…we were that way you know.
Rick: Well that’s great I bust my ass to earn enough money just to keep food on the table and my kids just want new fancy CD players!
Crystal: You don’t have to yell. Here are your socks, with all these holes in them I’m surprised that you can still wear them.
Rick: Damn, guess it’s time to by new ones. (sighs) Who ever thought that I would dread buying a new pair of socks?



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